Cheeck Definition And Augmentation Gold Coast & Brisbane


Do you have jowls and sags at the cheek area?

Your droopy skin can be tightened. Generally, the ageing steals elasticity and collagen from it over a period of time. Your facial ligaments and tendons, which hold fat pads on the skin, become weak. Consequently, your cheeks develop a hollow space. Its volume declines and jowls appear. Sags, also, begin to mark their presence.

Dr. Umed has a silver lining in the form of dermal fillers. This miraculous face-lift treatment sculpts your face with added volume in the mid. Finally, the signs of ageing fade away. You get beautifully chiselled and voluminous cheekbones by Cheek Fillers in Gold Coast & Brisbane. The ageing actually reverses. This effect lasts for at least 18 to 24 months. The visible results echo in the complements for your baby-like youthful skin & volume.

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