Chronic Headache Treatment Gold Coast & Brisbane


Do you suffer from chronic headache?

Frequent headaches can be caused by muscle tension in the head, scalp or neck.

Scientific Reason:

Muscle tension is created when your neck and scalp muscles contract. This can be in response to stress, anxiety, depression, or head injury.

Triggers for muscle tension headaches:
  • • Physical or emotional stress
  • • Alcohol consumption
  • • Caffeine
  • • Colds, Flu, or Sinus infection
  • • Jaw problems, such as jaw clenching and teeth grinding
  • • Eye Strain
  • • Excessive Smoking
  • • Fatigue or Overexertion

It can strike people of any age but occurs more commonly in adults and older teens. It may also be more in women, having a family history of this pain.

Dr. Umed may have the answer for chronic headache sufferers. His experience and ability ensures you will achieve the state of wellbeing.

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