Face Rejuvenation Gold Coast & Brisbane


With dermal fillers, you can achieve upper, mid and lower face rejuvenation. Dr. Umed Cosmetics merges innovative technology and advanced cosmetic knowledge to give you back a fresh and youthful look. Your upper face is defined by brow line and forehead above your eyes. The area from the corner of the eyes to the corner of mouth forms the mid-face, comprising the eyes, nose cheeks and mouth. The lips, jawline and chin structure the lower face. Ageing, pollution, excessive sun exposure and depression can disturb your youthful glow and radiance. Age and environmental factors rob your skin of collagen and elastin, which keep your face soft and smooth.

Our cosmetologists can help you fight the signs of ageing with dermal fillers. Made from naturally occurring sugars, dermal fillers serve a non-surgical option for filling in wrinkles, smoothing lines and adding volume.

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