MiraDry – Your Permanent Sweat & Odour Solution

Are you tired of more and more underarm sweat and searching for a solution regarding antiperspirant? Leave all your worries behind! We’ve got the answer you’ve been waiting for—miraDry, the ultimate non-surgical treatment for underarm sweat and odour. Say bye-bye to unsightly sweat patches & the trouble of unwanted body odour. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe, your confidence, and your life with Dr. Umed Cosmetics.

Revel in the Advantages of miraDry Treatment

MiraDry treatment is not a quick fix or a temporary solution. It’s a game-changing experience that deals with the root cause of excessive sweat and its accompanying odour rather than just managing symptoms. Here are the 2 of the remarkable perks you can expect –  
  • 83% Sweat Reduction: Enjoy an 83% reduction in sweat at 12 months with Dr Umed Cosmetics’ treatment.
  • Odour-Free Bliss: Let go of bothersome odours, with 87% no longer troubled by underarm odour at 12 months.

The MiraDry Procedure - A Trio of Simple Steps

Experience the ease of miraDry with a three-step procedure that takes as little as one hour:  

Numbing of Glands : 

Begin with the application of local anaesthesia to guarantee your complete comfort.

Marking Areas : 

Your professional will apply a temporary tattoo to the treatment area, ensuring precision.

Treatment Procedure : 

Finally, the miraDry magic occurs, targeting & eliminating sweat + odour glands in the underarm region.

Why Choose miraDry?

  • Permanent Solution: The only treatment that offers a lasting reduction in sweat & odour.
  • Instant Gratification: You get immediate results after just one single session.
  • Non-Surgical Method: MiraDry is a non-invasive, in-clinic procedure with no incisions and no pain.
  • TGA Approved: The first and only TGA-listed procedure for permanent sweat & odour reduction.


Are You the Ideal Candidate for miraDry?

The miraDry treatment is the perfect fit for you if:

  1. You’re suffering from excessive underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis).
  2. You want to reduce your dependence on antiperspirants and deodorants.
  3. You have no severe underlying health concerns.
  4. You seek a long-lasting solution to your sweat issues.

How Does MiraDry Treatment Work?

MiraDry is an FDA-approved, non-surgical method that uses electromagnetic energy to target and diminish/erase sweat glands in your underarms. Here’s a brief overview of the procedure at Dr Umed Cosmetics:

Your journey begins with the application of local anaesthesia for a painless experience.
The miraDry device uses precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to target the underarm area.
This energy heats up & eliminates sweat glands while maintaining the safety of the surrounding tissues.

The Benefits Are Abundant!

Permanent Sweat Reduction – Enjoy a lifelong reduction in sweat in the treated area.

Non-Surgical Treatment – Experience a minimally invasive treatment that is quick & convenient.

Swift Transformation – Most treatments are completed in under an hour or two.

Instant Results – See the difference right after your first session or even a one-time treatment.

Antiperspirant & Odour-Free – Say goodbye to underarm odour + reduce reliance on antiperspirants & deodorants.

Confidence Boost – Reclaim your self-assurance & enhance your quality of life.

Bid farewell to underarm sweat and odour issues with MiraDry, the one-stop gateway to a drier, more confident you!

This Service is Offered at Following Locations

Hope Island, QLD

Dr Umed Cosmetics, Shop 9b/ 331 Hope Island Road
Hope Island QLD 4212

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